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Baskets, Fans and Curls

Our extensive range of premium fans, handmade baskets and crisp curls will dress and invigorate your dessert menu creating a premium look and feel.

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Askeys Occasions

Askeys Occasions range includes:

Askeys Brandy Snap Baskets
A classic favourite with distinctive flavour and crispy texture that adds a touch of elegance to your dessert menu.

Askeys Biscuit Baskets
Hand crafted wafer baskets that melt in the mouth and enable you to create premium desserts easily and quickly.

Askeys Café Curls
Crispy rolled wafers with a chocolate flavoured lining which add the finishing touch to any dessert, treat or coffee.

Askeys Luxury Fans
Luxuriously crisp fans that turn simple desserts into something special.

Askeys Wafers
A great accompaniment to ice-creams, desserts and coffees.

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